Tutoring – PreSchool (Age 2.5 – 6)


1 Hour Session
Virtual Class



This area of tutoring focuses on preparing children for grade 1. Depending on child’s development and age at time of starting the program, parents are encouraged to participate until the child show’s independent skill (focus on their own). There is a strong focus on early reading, writing and math fundamentals. We work with parents to ensure the child is challenged and moving towards their realistic academic goals for their child particular age and ability.

One-to-one interaction with a professional (typically an Early Childhood Educator) will help put focus on your current child’s abilities and guide them to next steps of their academic development.

Parents are encouraged to take advantage of our free consultation (required before tutoring can begin) to discuss tutoring goals, child’s current abilities and next steps for getting started. Typically, parents will utilize this program for 1 hour a day (excluding weekends) for daily personalized time with an educational professional to hit all milestones before the child graduates to preschool. Customized tutoring programs are also available if the parent would like more/fewer tutoring sessions to take place. All tutoring sessions are completed on a virtual platform.

Age Group: 2.5 – 6 years old
Duration: 1 Hour

Please note: All services are non-refundable.