Tutoring – Elementary (Age 6 – 12)


1 Hour Session
Virtual Class



There are four primary areas of focus in this category of tutoring:

The Hardworking Student. This child needs to keep balanced and needs relief to know they are on the right track especially with study habits. These are generally your all-rounded good kid with a good attitude towards school. They work hard through the year but still don’t always get the marks they want or deserve. This child may want tutoring twice a week but generally only need once a week tutoring.

The A+ Student. This child pushes themselves too hard at times and can often feel board in the school. They need tutoring to challenge themselves and keep moving ahead in their academic progress. Children who were in private schools but later switched to public school to find themselves in this category. Children in this area typically thrive with one to two hours of tutoring per week.

The Lost Student: This is a very popular category these days with the damage Covid has caused. Children in this category have 6lost some of their crucial foundations and yet still pushed forward in the school system. We will focus on the subjects that teachers are usually requesting the child seek help in and also review their overall report card in order to paint a proper picture of all areas that need a bit of rebuilding and focus. Typically, two to three 1-hour sessions are required to rebuild the child’s knowledge of that area with the goals of reducing them down to one hour a week once their confidence returns.

Home Schooled Student: This area is chosen as extra support to the parent who is doing their best to teach their child safely within their own home and is not part of the public or private school sector. This program helps as much or as little as a parent wants. The approach would be to have an expert to teach for the hour rather than tutoring. Parent will usually keep the subject they enjoy and leave the other ones for our virtual teachers. French, math, English, drama and music are just some of the subjects we can help bring into the home for more academic support.

Parents are encouraged to take advantage of our free consultation (required before tutoring can begin) to discuss tutoring goals, child’s current abilities and next steps for getting started. A math/English assessment may be completed during the consultation, depending on the specific subject the child requires support in. We recommend that children have had a good snack before their session begins. We also recommend that parents check in with the tutor to ensure the child has logged in on time at the beginning of each session and then return again at the end of the session to recap any next steps given by tutor.

Not all tutors are Ontario Certified Teachers (OCTs). However, one may be required and will be determined once we assess where the child is academically. Older students also make fabulous tutors and mentors, as children can often relate to them better.

All tutoring sessions are completed on a virtual platform.

Age Group: 6 – 12 years old
Duration: 1 Hour

Please note: All services are non-refundable.