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Our Philosophy

We believe that the early years of a child’s life are critical for developing the skills, character and confidence that they will carry with them into adulthood. At Kidz Kare, we aim to exceed your expectations and work to help your children surpass their own developmental milestones. Kidz Kare is a place where love and learning go hand in hand. When you enroll your children into Kidz Kare, you are not just another family to us; you become a part of OUR family!

Nutrition is Key

We understand that a nutritious diet is not only one of the key factors in the development and ongoing health of children, but also improves their ability to learn. We also understand that children want to eat things that are fun. At Kidz Kare, we believe they can have both!

Our Teachers

We recognize the importance of investing in our staff in order to develop trusting relationships with them, support their career growth and ensure their happiness at work. We believe that happy teachers facilitate happy children.

Fantastic Location

The Kidz Kare licensed childcare centre is located inside of Maple Leaf Square, situated in the heart of downtown Toronto. Our facility is over 6,300 square feet creates a safe and comfortable learning environment for children from ages 15 months to 12 years old.

Toddler Classroom

What do you think your child will grow up to be?

The focus in the toddler classroom is to provide many choices of play opportunities that increase their developmental skills needed for success.

PreSchool Classroom

In preschool, children are introduced to a variety of play materials and experiences that will engage them in both math and literacy skills. Play opportunities such as making up stories and having their words printed on paper help preschoolers to become the author and illustrator of their own book. They also act out stories connecting with the characters in a story and the logical sequence of events that happen in a story.

Kindergarten Classroom

Start with a strong foundation now! Will your child be the next great lawyer?

Kindergarten children learn all the units of the public school curriculum but with the added benefit of the 1:13 teacher to student ratio. Every child is given the proper attention to ensure that he or she has mastered each skill before moving on to the next.

Kidz Kare Daycare Toronto Inc.

Kidz Kare in Maple Leaf Square is a licensed childcare centre in the heart of downtown Toronto. We focus on helping children build strong academic and social foundations, as they not only meet, but surpass all their developmental milestones.
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Why Use Daycare?

Empower Children
and Parents

We facilitate the development of happy, empowered and confident children – and parents!

Honesty, Integrity
and Sincerity

Above all, we value these three things; they are embodied in everything we do.

Healthy Food,
Healthy Lifestyle

We believe that good nutrition and activity sets the foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

Nurturing Individuals

We identify the strengths of each child and nurture his/her development on an individual basis.

Our Daycare Awards


Our Daycare Fundraisers


Oliver's Labels Fundraiser

Shop at Oliver's Labels Online for custom Labels made for yoru child. Oliver's Labels will donate 20% of your purchase to Kidz Kare Fundraising!


Kernels Fundraiser

We are raising funds for our outdoor play space! Click this link to see how you an participate in this great initiative in a yummy way.

In-Person Daycare Classes


Toddler Classes

Our toddler program has a 1:5 student to teacher ratio, which means your child will get as much attention as he or she needs.


PreSchool Classes

Our preschool program has a 1:8 student to teacher ratio, which allows children to engage in a variety of activities and experiences.

Kindergarten Classes

Kindergarten children learn all the units of the public school curriculum but with the added benefit of the 1:13 teacher to student ratio.