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"It takes a village to raise a child."

- African Proverb

Let Kidz Kare be part of YOUR village!

At Kidz Kare, our team is continuously coming up with new and innovative ways to partner with our parents in creating dynamic learning experiences for children of all ages! Our Founder’s passion and love for children and her uncanny ability to relate to kids has put a strong emphasis on our team’s commitment to the academic success in each child’s life – we know the importance of making learning fun!

Where Loving & Learning
Go Hand in Hand®

Where Loving & Learning Go Hand in Hand®



March Break Camp
March 13, 2023 - March 17, 2023

Explore our virtual village

Help your child burn off steam by engaging in our programs. During these lockdowns, our team has worked very hard to find instructors with such creative talents and asked them to create online programing and talked to our Tutors to bring their dynamic talents online.

The result …. Parents feel safe and kids feel supported and engaged.

Sound familiar?

Worried about learning loss?

Our Virtual Tutoring can help
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Boredom setting in?

Our Art and Music Programs can help
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Lack of Educational Support?

Our Virtual Toddler & PreSchool Classes can help
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Anxiety / Stress?

Our Yoga Programs can help
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At Kidz Kare, we know that all children have the potential to do anything they want when they grow up -- our job is to help them on their journey!

Don’t let all these lockdowns hold back your child’s inner genius. Let’s work together to channel their ability in a healthy and happy way.

Don’t let your household get out of control, call Kidz Kare at 416-900-1060 or check out our line up of virtual services and try something new!

The virtual programs really helped me find fun ways to engage my kids. They were always bored and now we love learning with Kidz Kare. THANK YOU!

- Cynthia, Parent

Did you ever think you were going to be a teacher?

All children, in some shape or form, have suffered from this pandemic, just as adults and businesses have too! We need to start rebuilding now. As their parent, you understand how important their education is -- we need to fix the damage already caused by the lockdowns! We need to get our kids back on a good educational path. Kidz Kare can help bring academic programs right into your home with qualified individuals who know how to support children of all ages! We know finances can be difficult during this time which is why we have programs that start as little as $20 a day!

Kidz Kare has come up with a great program plan to help my children get over the hurdles that online schooling has caused.  The one-on-one experience goes at my child’s speed rather than the speed of the teacher.  I don’t want my kids to fall further behind, and Kidz Kare is making sure they don’t.

- Mary Anne, Parent

I used to belong to a Mommy and Me group before Covid, this is so much better as I don’t travel anywhere, and my child gets to safely socialize with kids their own age.

- Stephanie, Parent

Trying to Balance too much?

How do you plan your day? Do you break up the work week with scheduled events? Studies have shown that when kids have time to be entertained, they will want more independent play. Planning is the key to stretching out the day so kids can learn, and parents can work. By joining one our music classes, your kids get an opportunity to focus on a different kind of learning and bring out their creative side!

Music really brings a smile to my child’s face. We find the instructors at Kidz Kare so much fun.

- Nick, Parent

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