About Us

Kidz Kare is dedicated to creating a legacy of learning. Our flexible, multi-faceted line of services cover a variety of programs and options to suit your family’s unique needs, while fostering learning and creativity in every child. If you’re seeking in-person care, you can choose alternate childcare options including special events, themed adventure camps or traditional daycare. If your family’s comfort level leans into virtual learning, you can pick from a host of creative virtual classes that provide engagement and education all from the comfort of home. Virtual classes span a variety of subjects and range from 18 months to adult ages. There’s something for everyone in your family! Our virtual tutoring services can help bridge the gaps in schooling that families have had to recently endure and our tutors can teach a host of ages and subjects to keep your child on track. No matter the need, our commitment to elevating the learning experience will enhance your family’s experience with Kidz Kare. Our people put the “care” into every experience we offer at Kidz Kare!

Our History

Kidz Kare started as a small, in-home daycare designed to offer childcare services that balanced high academic standards with loving and nurturing care. As the daycare grew, it became clear that parents needed more options to support their children’s ongoing educational and childcare needs.

Parents wanted babysitters for a night out, summer camps, nannies and tutors. They needed customized solutions to their unique educational and childcare needs. In response to these needs, Kidz Kare expanded our service lines to offer engaging programs that suit the different lifestyles of each family.

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Kidz Kare is built upon a foundation of strong values, which are evident in every aspect of our company. We operate with integrity and compassion while continuously striving for unequivocal excellence. We value our partnership with our clients, working collaboratively to empower children and help them discover their infinite potential. We embrace our insatiable curiosity and endeavour to inspire that same passion for learning in every child and adult who joins the Kidz Kare family. Above all, we tirelessly work to create an environment where children can experience the joy of learning and have the freedom to challenge themselves, make mistakes and explore their world while being loved and cared for by those around them.

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Fearless Difference

Our Awards



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Our mission is to provide parents and families with a multi-faceted resource to support them in raising happy, healthy and knowledgeable individuals.

We partner with parents and families to customize the most effective solution for each family’s unique situation. We review and implement safety precautions and adhere to the highest standards of care, even within the comfort of your own home! We carefully select highly trained caregivers to embody the philosophy and high standards we maintain throughout Kidz Kare. Your children will benefit from the same curriculum and learning opportunities whether they are in our licensed child care facility or in their own home.

Our Instructors


Ms. Alexis

Hi, my name is Ms. Alexis! I am a great virtual teacher because I choose a variety of engaging activities for children to enjoy. I am very encouraging with my students and enjoy helping them to learn. I love to share fun stories and art activities with the children on a regular basis....


Ms. Ariana

Hi, my name is Ms. Ariana! I am an enthusiastic musician and music educator. With over 15 years in the field of early childhood music, Ariana holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education, an Advanced Certificate in Early Childhood Music Education from the Royal Conservatory of Music...


Ms. Ashley

Hi, my name is Ashley and I am a registered Child Development Supervisor and Early Childhood advocate living in Calgary, Alberta. I have experience providing community programming for children and families within' libraries, schools, and non-profit programs. One of my biggest accomplishments...


Ms. Ginger

Hi my name is Ms Ginger ! I am a great virtual teacher because, I love teaching children new things. Having the opportunity of using technology and being able to teach children who aren’t able to come to daycare/school makes me so happy and grateful....


Mr. Michel

Hi, my name is Michel and I attended Centennial college for Fine Art 10 years back and from there I’ve taught art through proprietary companies throughout my art career as well as taking an 18 week expressive art therapy course in the city. Teaching art is his passion...


Ms. Petra

My name is Ms. Petra and I love inspiring kids to explore the visual arts. My programs draw from a lifetime of skills acquired in the art industry, from illustrating children’s books to running a studio space with art workshops for all ages. During the last few years, I have been teaching...


Ms. Roxanna

My name is Ms. Roxanna! I am a great virtual teacher because I take the time to connect personally with my audience. I understand the importance of engaging with my audience, and how I engage depends on the age, the development, and the experience that audience has with the topic of instruction....