Tutoring – College / University (Age 19+)


1 Hour Session
Virtual Class



Topics/subjects are student driven and goals set are typical ahead of the semester. However, in the situation of tutoring beginning in the middle of a semester, longer sessions may be required. Typically, students getting ahead of the semester may only require tutoring once of a week before and during their semester for a duration of 1 hour each. Students cramming within a semester typically need 1 to 2, two-hour sessions per week.

If multiple subjects are needed, then multiple tutors may be utilized. Graduated students make excellent tutors in addition to OCT Teachers. Math or English assessment may be conducted depending on the specific subject the student needs support in.
Students are encouraged to take advantage of our free consultation (required before tutoring can begin) to discuss tutoring goals, child’s current abilities and next steps for getting started.

All tutoring sessions are completed on a virtual platform. The rates published are standard, however, if a specialty tutor is required, different rates may apply. You will be notified of this once the match begins and always offered the opportunity to back out if the cost is not within your budget. This applies for this category as there are no other refunds granted typically.

Age Group: 19+ years old
Duration: 1 Hour

Please note: All services are non-refundable.

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