Tutoring – Adult (Age 20+)


1 Hour Session
Virtual Class



Academic or recreational tutoring is the focus of this particular type of tutoring.

Academic is the area in which adults go back to school and need academic support towards receiving a certificate or diploma that is not typically with a college or university. For example, we have tutored paramedics, accountants, and even adults improving their English to help with their current job or desired job.

Recreational Tutoring focuses on learning something for fun and is not gered towards any particular type of certificate or diploma. Some examples are someone who is learning to utilize email for the first time to stay in touch with long distance family members or it may be someone who wants to learn to read music for their own pleasure or a program such as photoshop to alter their own photographs for fun.

All tutoring sessions are completed on a virtual platform. The rates published are standard, however, if a specialty tutor is required, different rates may apply. You will be notified of this once the match begins and always offered the opportunity to back out if the cost is not within your budget. This applies for this category as there are no other refunds granted typically.

Age Group: 20+ years old
Duration: 1 Hour

Please note: All services are non-refundable.