Back to School – What’s the Buzz?

Shawn DBlog

Kids and parents are busy getting ready for back to school…but in a global pandemic, what does that actually mean?  The days of just buying school supplies and new outfits, making lunch and snapping some pictures as your kiddos head out the door are long gone.  Now we worry about sanitizers and masks and whether our children will stay healthy or even if they will remain in school.

Remember, going to back to school is normally a fun time and kids should feel safe and excited to be back together with their friends.  As many of you know, we run a private school and it has taken us time and dedication to perfect our policies and procedures so that we can provide families with the  environment their children deserve – a safe and fun one!  Check out how Kidz Kare is Covid ready.

Preparing your children, and yourselves for what lies ahead this school year can seem overwhelming. Here are several reliable sources of information to help you navigate. Knowledge is power!

  1. Our provincial website featuring Health and Safety measures at schools.  This site can help parents learn what to expect for the school year.
  2. CTV discusses updated screening guidance recently announced for Ontario schools.
  3. This Toronto Star article addresses how to keep your unvaccinated children safe at school this year. 
  4. Parenting in a Pandemic. Back to School Tips for Parents. Children’s Mental Health Ontario website.
  5. Some light reading from our Province’s Science Table – Covid-19 Pandemic Advisory for Ontario, School Operation for the 2021-2022 Academic Year in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic 

Normally, back to school signals new beginnings and fresh hope. In the age of Covid, the current situation can surely seem overwhelming, but if your family takes the time to prepare and arm yourselves with as much information and knowledge as possible, you and your children will be ready to get back into class and begin again- safely!  And once they are in class next week… come check out our Adult Yoga program and relax, you’ve earned it!