Nannie Kare provides you with quality childcare and senior care for your loved ones. Our Nannies are trained, professional caregivers that are qualified to look after children from newborns to teenagers. Whether you are looking for a mother’s helper or full-time childcare, Nannie Kare provides flexible services to fit everyone’s individual needs.

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    Flexible Hours

    Whether you want a nannie for fifteen hours a week or sixty, we can accommodate your needs. We work with parents to ensure that our nannies are available when they need them and, as schedules change, our nannies will adapt with them. So whether you want to slowly transition back into the work force after parental leave, leap right in to full-time (and overtime) work, or stay at home with a nannie to support you, Nannie Kare will work with you to find the right solution for your family.

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    Nannie Training and Development

    Our high standards for our nannies are second to none. Our nannies reflect the same devotion to exceptional care as our daycare caregivers. Nannie Kare nannies undergo extensive training to ensure that the care your child receives is exceptional. We believe learning should never stop, so continued development of our nannies is a priority.

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    The Magnificent Match

    Nannie Kare offers personalized service starting with one of our consultants meeting with you, identifying your specific needs and desires and finding a magnificent match for your own unique family situation.

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    Daycare Spot Reservations

    When you register for Nannie Kare and you express interest in a space within one of our licensed centres, Kidz Kare will bridge the gap between our services to ensure you can access which ever program suits your family’s needs.

Kidz Kare is an amazing company that offers more for our child than we could have ever expected. The staff are caring and devoted and overall wonderful people!Pamela


Our childcare nannies are fully qualified to provide quality care for your loved one(s). We provide full time, part time, live-in and live-out nannies, customized to your family’s needs and requirements.

Nannies are required to present and run a full-service curriculum within the home in order to help your child meet those important developmental milestones. Curricula are designed to be age appropriate and tailored to the learning needs of each individual child. Nannies provide daily reports to ensure that parents and guardians fully understand what their children are doing every day.

Families may also request nannies with specific qualifications or skills, such as fluency in particular languages, cooking or other abilities. We will recruit the perfect nannie to accommodate your family’s unique needs.

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The answer depends on your family’s needs and preferences. At Nannie Kare, our nannie service is flexible and designed to meet the needs of any family schedule. We offer a range of full-time and part-time nannie services that help make your daily routines easier while providing the support you and your children need. We will send a consultant to your home, free of charge, to help you review your options and provide you with detailed information to assist in the decision making process.
Our nannies are carefully screened and trained before we hire them. In order to qualify as a nanny, candidates must:

  • Undergo a stringent interview process
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have taken relevant courses and gained suitable experience
  • Have at least two years of experience working with children or seniors
  • Have completed first-aid training
  • have completed a vulnerable sector criminal background check

In recruiting nannies for our Nannie Kare division, we employ the same standards that define our Kidz Kare Licensed centre. We look for people who are not only qualified and trustworthy, but also who embody the caring and nurturing philosophy that sets Kidz Kare apart. When you cannot be there, we want you to be confident that your loved one is experiencing the same kind of warm and healthy environment that you strive to create for them as parents and care providers.

Our team takes the time to do an individualized consultation to help assess your needs. Through this process, we can help you determine if a nannie makes sense for your family’s needs and budget. When calculating your budget, it is useful to know the hours you want your nannie to work – at least at first. For example, you may leave for work at 8 a.m. but your spouse may not leave until 9 a.m. In order to reduce the costs, you can ask the nannie to come in closer to the time your spouse leaves.
Is this affordable?
The affordability of a nannie depends on your unique family situation. As Kidz Kare offers both daycare and nannie services, we believe each offers different advantages for your investment. On average, we find that families with more than one child find that our nannie service is more affordable than other childcare options. Families who earn a combined income of more than $100K per year often prefer more personalized service that may include driving children to ballet, doing light laundry and getting a head start on dinner. This allows parents to spend more quality time with their children and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with focusing on their careers without sacrificing their families.
Most of our nannies help children participate in third-party activities, acting on behalf of the child’s parents in things like ’mom and me’ groups or Early Years centre programs. They will also take children to visit parks to play outside and allow children to play with their peers. Some clients who live close to schools have been known to have their nannie take their children to participate in group activities at the school.
Unfortunately, we do not offer house cleaning as a standalone service, and as such our nannies and caregivers are not house cleaners. Our Nannies will always do their best to keep your house clean and tidy, but their focus will always be your children. You can hire your Nannie for additional hours if you would like them to assist with cleaning provided that another adult is home to watch the children.