Dance Instructor

Shawn D

  • Part Time
  • Virtual

Summary of the Position:

We are seeking a Virtual Dance Instructor/Teacher to instruct and educate students of various ages using the internet and online tools. The Virtual Teacher should be able to provide instruction that is developmentally and age appropriate, based on the previous training and education they have already acquired. This is a remote job offering part time hours. Online teachers enjoy some flexibility in their shifts and can exercise some discretion over when they work, though ultimately they report directly to the online supervisor. There is no travel required for this job, as online teachers may instruct students from their own homes or any other location of their choosing as long as they have internet access.

Training and coaching for success in this position is available throughout this process by the Online Supervisor. Opportunities to grow in this position are based on performance levels of the online educators and parent responses to the impact they make on their child’s development. With growth comes more opportunity.

Engage Students During Class:

  • Online teachers encourage attendees to participate through open ended questions and interactive activities to support their learning outcomes. Props, differing backgrounds will required as part of engaging children and their parents.
  • Understanding of age development plays a big role in understanding how to best engage children in these different developmental ranges.

Online Teacher Skills and Qualifications:

  • Leadership – online teachers are strong leaders, able to maintain virtual classroom discipline and successfully guide students through lesson plans
  • Motivational skills– online teachers use motivational skills and strategies to encourage students to learn and keep them engaged in their own education
  • Communication skills– online teachers have strong verbal and written communication skills to instruct and educate children ,and deliver reports to parents
  • Computer skills– because of the internet-based nature of the job, online teachers have excellent computer skills and can work with multiple types of computers and software programs
  • Analytical skills– online teachers use analytical skills to evaluate children’s ongoing progress
  • Online experience and comfort using video technology for teaching purposes preferred

Tools of the Trade:

Online teachers regularly work with these tools:

  • Online communication software (Webex or Microsoft Teams)
  • Computer hardware accessories (webcams, headsets)

To apply for this job email your details to