“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin

Edu Kare provides support and tutoring to individuals who are, or would like to learn something new.

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    All Subjects! All Grades!

    Tutoring is available in any subject and any level of education from preschool through elementary, middle, and high school, to college, university and beyond. We can even support adult learners who are learning for recreational study rather than academic achievement.

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    Employer Support

    Kidz Kare can work with HR personnel who would like to strengthen their employees’ skills. We can help them improve their communication skills, offer training in specific computer programs, or help to develop or improve skills that will benefit their work. Kidz Kare embraces thinking “outside of the box” and supports learners in any environment.

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    Build Confidence

    A student’s education is fundamental to their future success. We challenge students to become independent and innovative thinkers. Tutoring can offer students the support they need to advance their learning and build confidence in their abilities. All students, regardless of their existing levels of achievement, can benefit from the support of a tutor. Not only will our edu kare tutors help build knowledge about a specific subject, but they will also assist students in establishing lifelong learning habits that will continue to serve them throughout their careers.

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    The Magnificent Match and our Evaluation Process

    Edu Kare will work with students to understand their needs and desires in a tutor and then find a tutor that fits those requirements. In some cases, we will conduct an evaluation to determine where the challenges started. Please note, not all consultations will include these types of evaluations, as they usually apply to the primary levels of English and Math.

Kidz Kare is an amazing company that offers more for our child than we could have ever expected. The staff are caring and devoted and overall wonderful people!Pamela

Types of Tutoring

Support for Academic Learning

Edu Kare provides one-on-one, in home tutoring for students from preschool to university in every subject area. We ensure that students get personalized educational support and enhancement through individually designed programs that are created to help them achieve their academic goals. Our large network of tutors ensures that we can provide expert tutors in subjects ranging from early reading through to advanced graduate studies.

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Support for Recreational Learning

We know that learning continues well beyond the classroom. Whether you would like to learn a new language before travelling to a foreign country, or you want to indulge your interest in archaeology, our tutors can help you expand your horizons and challenge yourself in ways that are both rewarding and enjoyable.

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Support for Senior Learning

Our world is changing faster than ever before, and there are times when it is difficult for anybody to keep up. At the same time, the advancements in communication and technology that are available today can be extremely valuable to seniors. Our edu kare tutors can help seniors master their new technology, whether that means teaching seniors to use their smartphones, laptops and tablets, or coaching them through their first foray into social media or online gaming. Our tutors can even offer advice on how to avoid becoming victims of online scams and phishing attempt.

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Employment Support

Kidz Kare can work with HR personnel who would like to strengthen their employees’ skills. We can help employees improve their communication skills, offer training in specific computer programs, or help to develop or improve skills that will benefit their work. Kidz Kare embraces thinking “outside the box” and supports learners in any environment.

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We offer tutors for children as young as toddlers through to adults and seniors. It is never too early to start learning and never too late to learn something new. So when you do decide to try that harder subject, learn Spanish for the first time or just learn how to send an email to your grandchild in college, we are there to support you every step of the way.
Tutoring can occur whenever your schedule permits, including evenings and weekends. Our younger students (under four) and most of our seniors prefer early mornings, as that is the best time for them to focus. The majority of our school-aged children respond best to afternoon or after school tutoring.
We recruit tutors that have extensive expertise in specific subjects. In addition, we screen them through an interview process and require that they complete a vulnerable sector criminal check. We then introduce them to our Kidz Kare values and expectations before they enter any of our clients’ homes.
Our tutors are not caregivers, so unfortunately they cannot watch your child while you are out, even for only a few minutes. Some of our tutors also work in our other divisions, but when they are utilized only as a tutor, they are not authorized to be alone in your home with any student under 19 years of age. If you require a sitter, please click here to view our Kasual Kare page.
Our consultant will come to your home and help you choose a plan that meets your academic needs while ensuring goals are established. We customize our pricing based on the results of our consultation, ensuring that you only pay for the services you require.
Tutoring takes place in a public area of the student’s home, such as the kitchen, living room or even in the back yard if the weather permits. It should never take place in a student’s bedroom.
Edu Kare requires that tutors complete a form after each visit that details all activities and exercises conducted with the student in order to help the student meet their educational goals. Our consultants will let you know when the next progress session will be booked. In most cases, our tutors hold progress sessions half way through the pre-set term and at the end.
A lot of children will feel they are not as academically inclined as a sibling, friend, or other person they admire. In the absence of undiagnosed learning disabilities, there is no reason why any child should be unable to learn a subject. Edu Kare will help work with teachers, doctors, resource support personnel and parents to help counter feelings of inadequacy and lack of confidence to help children break through learning blocks.