About Kidz Kare

Kidz Kare is a multi-faceted organization with several service lines dedicated to providing customized childcare and education options to meet your family’s unique needs. Whether that means offering licensed daycare in the heart of downtown Toronto, a supremely qualified nanny in your home, the occasional babysitter with whom you can feel secure leaving your children, or expert tutors to support and enhance regular schooling, Kidz Kare will work with you to support your family’s childcare and education needs.


Kidz Kare is built upon a foundation of strong values, which are evident in every aspect of our company. We operate with integrity and compassion while continuously striving for unequivocal excellence. We value our partnership with our clients, working collaboratively to empower children and help them discover their infinite potential. We embrace our insatiable curiosity and endeavour to inspire that same passion for learning in every child and adult who joins the Kidz Kare family. Above all, we tirelessly work to create an environment where children can experience the joy of learning and have the freedom to challenge themselves, make mistakes and explore their world while being loved and cared for by those around them.

  • Honesty, Integrity and Sincerity

    Above all, we value these three things; they are embodied in everything we do.

  • Empower Children and Parents

    We facilitate the development of happy, empowered and confident children – and parents!

  • Healthy Food, Healthy Lifestyle

    We believe that good nutrition and activity sets the foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

  • Nurturing Individuals

    We identify the strengths of each child and nurture his/her development on an individual basis.

Our Instructors

We recognize the importance of investing in our staff in order to develop their careers and to ensure their happiness.
Happy Teachers ensure Happy Children!

Virtual Instructors

We love Kidz Kare for our boys. It’s a place where we know that our boys are happy, safe and loved. It’s a place where communication with parents is valued for the well-being of the kids. It’s a partnership in their educational world.Melissa (Toronto, On)